5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than People

Dogs have managed to capture the hearts of millions of people across the world. They make the best companions, and pet owners love to spend time with their furry friends. A dog will never ask you anything in return for their unflinching love and loyalty. All they want is your love. Of course, providing them with a daily meal and taking them for a daily walk is your responsibility.

  1. The bond between the master and the dog is unbreakable. While humans are known to stab each other in the back from time to time, a dog stays loyal above everything else. Humans often get carried away by material possessions and social status. A dog does not care about such things.
  2. They are patient listeners. If you need someone to silently pay ears to your tantrums, you can bank on your furry friends. They will not interrupt or twist your words. Additionally, they will never express their disagreement over your words.
  3. Dogs do share some human-like qualities. Dogs have their own reasons to cry and feel sad. They feel upset over the loss of a dear one or when they part from their human companions.
  4. Dogs never hold grudges. To a dog, a mistake is a mistake and they move on within minutes. Whether or not this is simply due to the fact that they have limited short-term memory still remains to be deduced. This is actually an important point, because a lot of what attracts us to dogs and in this case, a lot of what makes us think that dogs are better than humans, is largely due to our own personification of dogs. We tend to attribute emotions, motivations, and feelings to dogs in situations when we have no proof that dogs are actually experiencing them. Remember the example of the crying dog? It’s the same idea here.

To be clear, I’m certainly not arguing that this is a bad thing. I actually would say it’s a good thing because, perhaps a bit selfishly, it allows us to get what we need from dogs – without giving much in return. For example, if we are crying and a dog licks our face, we instantly think it’s trying to cheer us up. In fact, the dog may just like the taste of our tears. But again, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that this presumably innocent act makes us feel better. One could certainly argue that our fellow humans are capable of cheering us up as well. I do not deny this. However, humans rarely show such allegiance to their friends and family.

  1. Dogs do not lie. They are always true to their emotions. The same cannot be said for humans. Humans lie, cheat, and steal. Dogs love unconditionally, though one could argue humans love more powerfully. A dog will love you back with everything it has.
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Such purity is hard to find in humans because we are so often influenced and controlled by social forces. We have incentives to act one way and think another. The incentive, of course, is personal enrichment. Unfortunately, with this behavior often comes a propensity to harm our fellow men – both physically and emotionally. A dog does not seek to harm, as does a human, and this is a significant factor in deciding why dogs are better than humans.

A dog’s life is short. It has no time for petty arguments or energy consuming grudges. It only has time to live life to the fullest. A dog does not look back. Whereas a human will spend its days reminiscing about long lost love and past memories, a dog will only look into the present. It is this ability to live in the here and now that truly sets dogs apart from humans.

  1. They are happy to take you as their boss. Pets know that you gave them a home and food, so they are your loyal companions. They will be happy to obey your orders.
  2. The argument for why dogs are better than humans would not be complete without at least touching on the fact that dogs make the best cuddle buddies. If you have ever slept with another human in your bed, you know that it can be an unpleasant experience. As humans, we steal the blankets from our partners, we roll around in bed, and we even talk and walk in sleep. Dogs, on the other hand, are remarkable partners in bed. They bring a sense of warmth and security to the bedroom that humans simply cannot match. There is nothing better than latching onto a big fluffy dog in the middle of a cold night.

We have outlined countless ways in which dogs are better than people. Owning a dog will be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You will quickly learn about responsibility, loyalty, and other crucial life skills. This will make you a better person, even if you’ll never be better than a dog.

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