Why Does Your Dog Stare at You When He Poops?

Does your dog keep an eye contact with you when he goes potty? Why does your dog stare at you when he poops?

Dog Stares at You When He Poops

A high percentage of dogs look at their owners when they poop, and if you’re one of those owners, you may find this weird and awkward, but it is undeniably funny. Why does your dog stare at you when he poops?

The truth is that there is no definite answer but here are different possibilities why your dog makes an eye contact with you when he poops.

Your Dog Stares at You When He Poops To Seek Your Permission or Approval

Remember the times when you used to scream “NO” when your dog starts circling and curling in the hallway? Yes, it’s highly likely that your dog remembers it too and he doesn’t want to make that mistake again so he stares at you hoping for permission or approval.

Your Dog Stares at You When He Poops Because He Expects A Reward

If you have rewarded your pooch with treats during his potty training exercises, chances are that he expects you to reward him again when he poops to show that he’s being a “good boy” for pooping at the right place and he deserves a reward.

Your Dog Stares at You When He Poops Because He Feels Vulnerable

A dog’s pooping position is a vulnerable position for dogs. It’s an instinct they got from their wolf ancestors, who had to fend for themselves long ago.

By staring at their owners while they poop, they are seeking comfort and want to make sure you are there for him.

Perhaps he repays the favor by staying by your side and guarding you when you do your business in the bathroom.

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Your Dog Stares at You When He Poops Because He Wants Privacy

Is your dog really staring at you, or it’s you who are staring at him?

You may not notice at first but perhaps it was you who initiated the eye contact to make sure that Fido is pooping at the right spot, and he stares back at you, hoping you’ll give him some privacy.

Which reason do you think applies to your dog?


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