Why Are Dog Noses Wet?

Why are dog noses wet? Have you ever wondered why?

If you’re a dog lover, you probably adore dog noses and you have probably noticed they are almost always wet. There are different reasons why dog noses are wet, and we’re going to discuss this here.

Why Are Dog Noses Wet: Reasons

Dogs don’t have sweat glands. They cool down in different ways than humans. Dogs release the heat of their bodies in the following ways:

  • Panting
  • Sweating through paws
  • Letting the heat of their body evaporate with the help of their wet noses

All dogs have special mucous glands inside their noses – particularly their nostrils – that produce clear fluid you see on their noses. This watery liquid helps them cool down faster.

Dog Noses Are Wet Because They Secrete Mucus

When your pooch tries to follow a scent, his nose makes a thin mucus layer, which facilitates their absorption of scent chemicals. As a result, they can smell better.

Dog Noses Are Wet Because They Lick Them All The Time

Have you ever caught your dog licking his nose? Our furry buddies have pretty powerful noses. Their long snouts and noses may easily get dirty, particularly when they eat. Licking is a way to clean them off.

Your furry friend may lick his nose because of the mucus. By doing so, they can actually lick off the scent chemicals. This enables their olfactory glands to sample them.

A dog also licks his nose to keep it clean.

Dog Noses Are Moist and Wet to Help Them Gather Scent

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A dog’s sense of smell is very powerful and the anatomy of their nose contributes a lot to this. A dog’s nose produces mucus to help them smell better.

Some dog experts think that the wetness of dog noses help absorb tiny water droplets in the air that carry the odor. The wetness makes the least hint of a scent easier to detect.

Biblical Tale Explaining Why Dog Noses Are Wet

Well-known dog behavior expert and researcher Dr. Stanley Coren wrote a tale about the dog nose and why it is wet.

It goes like this:

During the great flood, Noah tasked dogs to patrol the ark to keep everyone safe. One day, while the dogs were patrolling, they found a small hole – the size of coin – in the ark.

One dog immediately plugged the hole with his little nose while the other one ran back to Noah to alert him and ask for help. When Noah arrived, he covered the hole in time –saving everybody in the ark.

So as a reward, God made dog noses cold and wet.

How cute is that?


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