What To Look For in A Dog Trainer

Finding the right dog trainer for your dog is important! Below are the qualities that you should look for in a trainer.

Dog trainer teaching dogs

A Dog Trainer Must Have Experience and Expertise!

Aside from being experienced, a dog trainer should be a dog expert!

The trainer should be aware that every dog is different and know how to handle each and every dog in a dog training class. A dog trainer needs both experience and expertise to be successful.

A good dog trainer should be able to work with all dog breeds in all situations. They should take into account the temperament and individual characteristics of each dog.

A good dog trainer can foresee a dog’s next move. They should be able to decide whether to increase or lessen their demands.

There is an art to knowing when to be gentle, when to encourage, and when to be firm.

A lot of dog trainers are born with these natural abilities. They know every move a dog makes and coordinate their body motions,  leading to perfect timing in training.

A Dog Trainer’s Respect is Gained Through Admiration Not Fear

A dog trainer must never be a bully. Keep in mind that dogs cannot be forced into obedience. Although it is possible to force a dog to be obedient, it isn’t desirable.

A good dog trainer knows that each new step becomes easy if the previous lessons have been thoroughly understood by both the human and dogs.

They understand that dog training must be progressive. The awareness of the terrible effects caused by distress and aggression is expected of a proficient dog trainer. A good trainer’s patience does not wear thin even when results come slow.

In Dog Training What Should Your Focus Be?

A dog trainer must be kind, yet firm. He should be able to make a dog feel as though they are responsible for all achievements.

A dog trainer earns the respect of a dog through admiration and not through fear. This creates a happy bond between the trainer and the dog.

Great Dog Trainers Are Not Necessarily Great Instructors

Being a good dog trainer does not automatically mean being a good dog training class instructor.

Some may not have important qualities of leadership when faced with a large group even though they train at home and give successful private classes. A training class composed of multiple students is about solving about 20-50 different problems at the same time!

Aside from being likable, the trainer must have the admiration and respect of his students – dogs. He must be tolerant of others and must be patient.

Teaching another person how to do what comes naturally to them is not easy. A good training director does not stop the group for one or two problematic dogs. Dog owners with special problems are often asked to come before or after class for personal instruction.

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