What To Expect On Puppy’s First Walk Based On Personality Type

Every puppy is unique. Here’s what you can expect on your puppy’s first walk based on his personality type and traits.


Going for a walk with your puppy might seem like an easy activity, but it can be challenging initially. One way you can make walks go a whole lot better is by learning what to prepare for and manage the circumstances based on your puppy’s personality.

What You Need to Know on Puppy’s First Walk: Hyperactive Puppies Are Easily Distracted

Dogs with a hyperactive personality can be quickly distracted during walks. It is normal for them to want to explore everything, particularly the scents, but it is essential that you keep your puppy focused. By doing this, your pup will learn how to behave correctly during walks. To achieve this, you will have to discover exactly what best motivates your dog and use it to your benefit. This could be your puppy’s favored toy, treats as well as dog food kibbles. It might take a while, but once you find the best motivator you ought to have no trouble training your pup to remain next to you when you take him for a walk.

Puppy’s First Walk: Headstrong Puppies Are Typically Confident

Puppies with a headstrong personality typically move in a confident manner while looking ahead and attentively observing their surroundings. Puppies with this particular kind of personality can develop behavioral issues; for example, general aggression, possessiveness, and territorial aggression. Should your dog show warning signs of these behavior issues while walking, it is essential that you correct it by practicing the Sit and Down commands every time a person or another dog is around.

Your Puppy’s First Day Home

Easygoing Puppies Enjoy Socializing

The advantage of having dogs with an easygoing personality is that they enjoy socializing with other persons and dogs. However, you should remember that not every body is a dog person and not all dogs are friendly. The greatest challenges you will meet with your puppy is while training them about how to socialize, stopping pulling, and preventing him from jumping.

Timid Puppies Scare Easily

A timid puppy is not very confident and can become scared very easily. They are very sensitive to new situations and environments and should not be forced to do something they are not comfortable with. Otherwise, they may perceive this as a negative experience and refuse to give it a try again later. The best thing to do when your pup gets frightened or distressed while going on a walk is to have a break in a more tranquil environment, assure them, and then carry on. You might have to do this several times, but practice will help boost your dog’s self-confidence and allow you to better take pleasure in your walks together.

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