What Is An Electric Dog Fence And How Does It Work?

You have already used a dog fence but feel some changes are needed.

Dog fences are extremely useful. Many dog owners use this fence and it is very helpful. Your furry friend can play in the yard and enjoy his playtime. You need not bother much about his security, as he is closed behind this fence you can be sure that nothing will harm him. Some people use dog fencing in the house too and they are not bad. They work anywhere. But the truth is that many of them aren’t too beautiful. That’s why you were thinking to make a change.

What can you do in this situation?

An electric dog fence would work just perfect. Maybe you want to have a beautiful garden with flowers in front of your house so that the aspect of your house may be more pleasant. It’s a great idea! The only problem you may have is your dog.

You can’t let him play in your garden, as he will make it messy. Steel, plastic, or wood fencing can ruin your entire work. But you can’t keep your dog inside all day long. Or maybe you have a wonderful sightseeing to the beach, a lake, or a mountain from your living room, but the dog fence from the backyard doesn’t fit in the landscape. Don’t worry!

The electric dog fence will solve all these problems.

Cost To Install An Electric Dog Fence

Let me tell you something about the cost to install an electric dog fence. The truth is that you want a really nice privacy fence. It can cost you more than two times the cost of an electric fence.

I don’t think you can find anything better than an electric fence. It won’t disturb you with anything, it won’t change the image of your house in any way, and it can be more useful than another fence, as it has a well-developed system that won’t allow your dog to dig under or to jump over the fence.

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 Uses of an Electric Dog Fence

  • It fits any yard, irrespective of the size – small or big
  • You can adapt it to your specific needs
  • It can be placed on any ground. It doesn’t matter if it is subsided or it is a woody area or a rocky terrain.
  • You can place it even under the water.
  • Your dog must weigh at least 2 1/2 pounds so that he can wear the collar, but most of  our dogs should have this weight around the age of 8 weeks, which means you can start using this fence very early.
  • It won’t affect your landscape.
  • It’s very easy to install.
  • It requires less maintenance than any other fencing; you have to replace the battery from your dog’s collar every 3-4 months.

These reasons convinced me that the electric dog fence is just perfect for my needs. Do you think it can help you too?


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