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Bathing Your Dog! Learn To Wash Your Dog The Right Way!

Bathing your dog can be a bit tricky. Not all dogs love water. Even the ones who do love water can dislike having their fur soaped and washed. As hard as it is to resist those sweet puppy dog eyes, bathing your dog is a must. This post …

Why Do Wet Dogs Smell?

We all love our dogs. But dog lovers cannot deny the fact that wet dogs smell! Why do wet dogs smell? In this video by the American Chemical Society, you can learn all about the science behind the wet dog smell!   Dog smell comes from yeast and …

Various Emotions of Wet Dogs Caught On Cam

Check out these cool photos of wet dogs! We loved dogs for their amazing ability to socialize with us. They have bonded with us so much we have seen so much likeness in their social patterns and emotions. Sophie Gamand, the French photographer behind Flower Power(a photo series …

Why Are Dog Noses Wet?

Why are dog noses wet? Have you ever wondered why? If you’re a dog lover, you probably adore dog noses and you have probably noticed they are almost always wet. There are different reasons why dog noses are wet, and we’re going to discuss this here. Why Are …


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