Watch: This Pit Bull Mayor of A Kentucky Town

Photo from The Dodo

Have you ever thought if your dog can lead better than the politicians we have?

The Kentucky town of Rabbit Hash, an unincorporated part of Boone County, has made this happen. The residents of the town have been selecting a canine mayor for a term of 4 years in place of a politician since 1998. Again there is no qualification for the mayor based on size, breed, or age.

For years now, the residents elect their pets to govern their town. And this term’s mayor is a 3-year-old rescue Pit Bull named Brynneth Pawltro, popularly known as Mayor Brynn. She won against several other dogs, including a border collie and a German Shephard.

The voting pattern involves each voter donating $1 to the Rabbit Hash Historic Society. Whoever raises maximum funds, is declared as the mayor elected.

Mayor Brynn will lead Rabbit Hash for 4 years. During her term, she has promised to champion against breed discrimination, an issue especially faced by many Pit Bulls.

Learn more about Mayor Brynn by watching the video below:

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