Viral Video Of Crying Dog Returned To Shelter Attracts Thousands Of Adoptees

Social media really works wonders sometimes.

A viral video of a dog so sad about being returned to the shelter has got thousands of adoptees scrambling to adopt the pooch.

Juice is sad – really sad. The mixed breed dog was in the care Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center in Washington, D.C. He was finally adopted and then returned because he was a “bad fit”.

The dog was so stressed and disappointed that of his caretakers at the shelter took him home overnight to calm his nerves and reassure him that everything would be alright.

Crying Dog Returned To Shelter

When the Juice returned to the shelter the next morning, the sad truth of his situation sunk in – his supposed happy ending was not meant to be. Juice was so heartbroken he cried for hours in his kennel.

Distressed by the dog’s misery, shelter staff documented his anguish and posted the video on Facebook which hit the hearts of every animal lover who saw it.

Juice wouldn’t be pacified. He cried for hours while he paced around his kennel.

“We’re afraid that Juice is beginning to lose himself,” the staff wrote. “He needs a home, where he can be himself and regain the confidence and trust that he has lost…Please, don’t let Juice cry in his kennel anymore.”

The post was shared thousands of times and soon the shelter was swarmed by calls from people looking to adopt dear Juice.

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“The response was overwhelming,” MCASAC outreach coordinator Katherine Zenzano told CNN. “We’ve had messages from everywhere. There were a couple from Canada, the Midwest, the West Coast, all asking if they could meet Juice or have him transported.”

Juice’s former owner surrendered him to the shelter ten months ago. Zenzano said Juice’s story is particularly sad because the shelter staff thought he was one of the strong ones.

“This dog that we really saw as emotionally stable was now starting to break down and was crying for hours at a time,” she says. “People need to see this, they need to see that, as much as we take pride in taking really good care of the animals, this is not a place for any dog.”

But there is hope. After hundreds inquiries – and counting — Juice will probably end up in a great home. The shelter’s adoption counselors are sifting through potential adoptees.

Zenzano and the rest of the team would also like to remind hopeful pet parents that there are thousands of other dogs, just like Juice, hoping to find their forever home and happy endings.

“There’s a Juice in every county, in every shelter, everywhere,” Zenzano says. “A dog that is struggling, and trying to cope with the difficulty of being in a shelter environment. You may not know about them, and they may not have compelling stories, but they’re there.”

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