Vet Ranch Treats Severely Matted Dog Covered In Parasites


This is Cashew! This once severely-matted dog who was covered in parasites received the treatment he needed thanks to Dr. Karri and Vet Ranch.

Cashew, who seems to be Shih Tzu, was picked up as a stray and was brought to a shelter. Thankfully, he was taken in up by Vet Ranch and Dallas Pets Alive and saved from the possibility of being euthanized.

Aside from the heavily-matted fur on his body, the poor dog also had a respiratory infection, fleas and several intestinal parasites.

Vet Ranch Treats Severely Matted Dog Covered In Parasites 1

But those weren’t his main problem, Cashew also tested positive for heartworm and getting the parasites out of his system was going to take time.

The great thing is that Cashew landed at the right place. He was placed under Dr. Karri’s care and the pooch soon received the veterinary expertise he needed.

The poor dog had his matted fur shaved. It was so thick and matted that the fur that was removed from his body looked like a second dog when crumpled together.

After his medicated bath, Cashew was also dewormed.

Vet Ranch Treats Severely Matted Dog Covered In Parasites 2

Then he was given shots for his internal parasites and was later neutered.

“We’re going to start Cashew’s heartworm treatment and little Cashew is terrified,” Dr. Karri said. “It’s a very slow process and will probably take 2 months so we’re going to start today.”

Once Cashew was all healed up, it didn’t take long for him to find his forever home. With the help of Dallas Pets Alive, Cashew found his new owner, a loving retiring teacher who wants to train him as a service dog for children.

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Vet Ranch Treats Severely Matted Dog Covered In Parasites 3

“He would be so good at doing that job,” Dr. Karri proudly said.

And we believe her!

From being a terrified dog who wouldn’t stop shaking, Cashew came out of his shell and revealed his true personality – a happy, sweet dog who loves everybody and cannot stop his tail from wagging!

Awww. Happy Tails, Cashew!

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