Vet Ranch Treats Homeless Dog With Terrible Face Burns

Meet Harrison. This homeless dog with terrible face burns is well again thanks to Vet Ranch.

Harrison came into Dr. Matt’s clinic in pretty bad shape. Patches of his fur were missing and a closer look revealed chemical burns on the poor dog’s face. The burns covered his eyes, snout, and mouth. The brown dog also suffered from a bacterial infection caused by demodectic mange, the non-contagious form of mange. The shelter that Harrison came from had been treating him for mange for a couple of months with little success.

Vet Ranch/Youtube

Vet Ranch/Youtube

Even with all his ailments, Harrison still kept his puppy spirit and loves receiving hugs and being petted.

Dr. Matt gave sweet Harrison a bath and removed all the scabs from his skin.

Six weeks into the treatment Harrison’s condition was remarkably improved.The fur on his face had started to grow back, revealing his beautiful, beautiful face.

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The pup also revealed his wonderful personality! See him run and hop around Dr. Matt’s clinic before being neutered!

Three months after arriving at Dr. Matt’s clinic, most of Harrison’s fur had finally grown back. He’s a happy young dog who loves fetching sticks and running around.

Vet Ranch/Youtube

Vet Ranch/Youtube

There are still patches of fur missing on his face, but Dr. Matt says Harrison’s face will most likely stay that way because the burns were so severe.

“I think he’s as good as he’s ever gonna get,” Dr. Matt says. “Let’s just say he’s never gonna win any beauty contest.”

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Harrison is now living with a foster family while he waits for his forever home.

You may not win beauty contests, Harrison. But you surely won our hearts!

Thank you for saving this beautiful dog, Vet Ranch!

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