Vet Ranch Saves Puppy With Potentially Deadly Leg Infection

One tiny puppy had a huge problem. Luckily, some Good Samaritans got him the help he needed in time.

The good folks at Vet Ranch saved a puppy with a potentially-deadly leg infection!

Meet Hank, an Australian Cattle dog mix puppy who had a very big problem. He was found with a big ball of bandage wrapped around his right front leg.

Nobody knows what happened or how long the poor puppy had been in that state.

Vet Ranch Saves Puppy With Potentially Deadly Leg Infection 1

Dr. Matt said it smelled awful and that whatever was wrong with the little pup’s leg, it was definitely not good.

The vet cut open the bandage to expose the puppy’s leg. What he discovered was beyond awful, the leg was rotting. Dr. Matt said the pup had been in pain for a very long time. The pup’s leg had been wrapped so tightly that necrosis had set in. The blood flow was restricted and the tissue dying.

The vet had no option but to amputate Hank’s leg amputated to prevent the puppy getting a systemic infection.

During the operation, Hank had an expected visitor, another Youtube celebrity, Alex Mandel.

After a few moments of welcoming greetings, Dr. Matt suggested Alex adopt Hank.

“I think Alex needs a new dog, too,” the vet said.

“Should I take a three-legged puppy? I do need a new tripod,” Alex joked.

The Australian Cattle mix pup’s surgery went well and after a few weeks, he slowly recovered and grew into a happy cuddly puppy!

A generous and industrious girl also visited Hank at Vet Ranch and donated $35 donation that she had earned cleaning up dog poop.
Missing a leg hasn’t slowed Hank down! See him run as fast he can as he chases Dr. Matt’s sweet children and their Boxer dog, Dozer!
A month after his surgery, the adorable three-legged pup was ready to fly to his new home in Los Angeles, where he’ll live an awesome life with his new owner.

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Although Alex has intended to adopt the fluffy tripod dog, it turned out his friend was more able to take care of the happy pooch.

“I have a dog of my own and I wanted Hank so bad but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take care of him properly so I wanted to find him a great home,” Alex said. “Now my friend who lives with me, Jake, he wanted a dog so now he has the best home I can think of — other than mine — so now Jake is Daddy Tank!”

Vet Ranch Saves Puppy With Potentially Deadly Leg Infection 5

Hugging and petting Hank, Jake said, “I love him so much.”

Hank returned the love by hugging Jake right back. So sweet!

Hank The Tripod’s adventures can be seen in his very own Instagram account. Follow him and get your daily Hank fix!

Thank you for saving Hank, Vet Ranch! Thank you Alex and Jake!

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