Vet Ranch Saves Puppy Abandoned Due To Hernia!


It’s Dr. Karri again in her quest to save one pup-in-need at time!

In this awesome video, Vet Ranch saves a puppy who was abandoned because he had a hernia beside his testicles.

The pup’s name is Ace and he was only 8 weeks-old when Dr. Karri took him at her clinic. He’s a big boy for his age – he’s a Great Dane after all – and his size could double in just a short period of time.

Vet Ranch Saves Puppy Abandoned Due To Hernia 1

Ace was abandoned at a shelter by a breeder because of a hernia beside his testicles. Despite his sad story, Ace has been a sweet boy who loves giving Dr. Karri lots and lots of kisses.

The big, yet gentle, boy went under the knife. During the surgery, Dr. Karri said she wanted to find out more about the mass. She discovered that lump was in fact a sac containing part of the puppy’s intestines.

The veterinarian opened up the sac and placed the puppy’s intestines in their right place. Dr. Karri also neutered Ace after that.

Vet Ranch Saves Puppy Abandoned Due To Hernia 2

Ace’s surgery wounds were still swollen two days after his surgery, but he was otherwise feeling a lot better! He’s still as loving and cuddly as ever and just loves snuggling with the vet who saved him.

Two weeks after Ace’s surgery, the pup was finally ready for a forever home. It’s pretty obvious too that Dr. Karri and her Labrador have grown attached to the sweet Great Dane puppy. Unfortunately, she cannot keep him.

Vet Ranch Saves Puppy Abandoned Due To Hernia 3


But the great news is Ace has already found a family who will love him forever!

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Happy Tails, Ace!

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