Vet Ranch Saves Pregnant Dog Scheduled To Be Euthanized

In this another amazing video, Vet Ranch has saved a pregnant dog who was scheduled to be euthanized.

Sometimes shelters put pregnant dogs to sleep because they are at maximum capacity. It’s a sad reality that happens in several shelters around the world.

Holly was among the dogs who were about to be euthanized. Luckily, rescuers came to her aid, pulled her out, and took her to Dr. Karri of Vet Ranch.

The beautiful black and white dog was very pregnant. Her tummy and breasts were so big and full!


Vet Ranch Saves Pregnant Dog Scheduled To Be Euthanized 1

After an x-ray, the vet determined the beautiful girl would have 5 puppies. She counted the pups in Holly’s tummy using the skulls and spines as a guide.

The likely father of the pups is a big dog which could mean Holly’s puppies may too big for her to deliver naturally. Because of this it was thought that a C-section would be necessary.

But Holly is one strong girl and she managed to deliver all her puppies on her own. She even waited for the clinic staff to go home before she popped out all her pups.

The mommy dog has been a great mother to all her pups. She nursed them. She fed them. She gave them all the love and care she could give.

Vet Ranch Saves Pregnant Dog Scheduled To Be Euthanized 2

At first, Holly was understandably wary of the people around her. She’d been through a lot and had new puppies to protect.

Holly and her pups were transferred to a foster home since Vet Ranch did not want to risk her and her pups being exposed to illnesses from other dogs visiting the clinic.

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After a few weeks, the pups grew bigger and chubbier! Their eyes opened and they learned hop around and play on their own.

All five have names now: Fig, Honey, Chloe, Gumball, and Chestnut! These little pups have so much energy to burn! See the romp and go!

Holly has been vaccinated and spayed and is up for adoption.

Vet Ranch Saves Pregnant Dog Scheduled To Be Euthanized 3

Her puppies have also been vaccinated and are ready for their forever homes as well!

If you wish to adopt Holly or her puppies please visit

Happy Tails, Holly, Fig, Honey, Chloe, Gumball and Chestnut!

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