Vet Ranch Saves Pit Bull With Neck Wound Who Was On Euthanasia List


It’s Vet Ranch to the rescue once again!

The nonprofit saved a Pit Bull who was on the euthanasia list because he had a neck wound.

Meet Ice! This sweet and beautiful American Pit Bull Terrier was pulled from the shelter and taken to Dr. Dave.

Poor Ice had a terrible wound on his neck which the vet thinks had been caused by being chained up since he was a little pup. Ice is cheerful and sweet but didn’t stand a chance in the shelter. Being a Pit Bull with a terrible injury made the dog an almost certainty for the euthanasia list.

But he can now leave all behind him because he was lucky enough to land up at the right place—Vet Ranch!

Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch

The kind and gentle veterinarian sedated the Pit Bull to inspect and fix his neck wound.

Dr. Dave said Ice’s wound was pretty old since it already had granulation tissues around it, but he added that treating it would be easy. The vet removed parts of the healing tissue before suturing it up.

Vet Ranch

Vet Ranch

Ice was also scheduled to be neutered, de-ticked, and vaccinated.

Despite his terrible injury, Ice remained a very sweet and loving boy and he definitely loves treats!

In fact, this pooch does tricks for treats!

See him hop for his treat, too! Go, Ice, go!

Ten days after his surgery, Ice was finally ready to find his forever home.

This awesome dog, who was about to be euthanized, has even become a hero! During his stay at Vet Ranch, he donated 10 ounce of blood to save a puppy.

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We hope Ice finds a nice and loving home! He sure deserves it!

Thank you for saving Ice, Dr. Dave! Thank you, Vet Ranch!

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