Using A Set Of Keys In Dog Training

Using a set of keys in dog training is a great idea. If you have not already discovered how your dog reacts to the sound of jingling keys, try it out. This everyday item can be of great help in dog training. All you will need to begin is a key chain with about six keys placed in a brass ring.

A dog with set of keys used in dog training

Using A Set of Keys in Dog Training: A Good Way To Get Your Dog’s Attention

The way a set of keys works in training is by conditioning your dog to the sound. Similar to a whistle, a keychain causes a natural reaction in dogs since the distinctive sound holds their attention and tends to enchant them.

As opposed to your voice, the sound of the set of keys does not fluctuate in pitch. This makes it more identifiable for your dog. Appropriate conditioning is necessary to reinforce the key’s purpose in training and ensure that your dog obeys.

Train Your Dog To React to a Set of Keys in Just a Few Steps

  • Introduce your dog to the sound of the keys before the first meal of the day. Jingle the keychain for a few seconds. Don’t allow your dog to see the keys and then carry on with feeding.
  • Do exactly the same thing for approximately 14 days, incorporating each meal that is given throughout the day. During this period, avoid using the keys for other reasons until your dog is further along with training.
  • If you feel the need for more reinforcement, you can also try jingling the set of keys when arriving at home. While you are still inside your vehicle with the door ajar, shake the keys and call your dog. Address by his or her name using a positive tone of voice.
  • Next, practice calling your pup, jingling the keychain, and rewarding your dog when he or she comes in a timely way. Be sure to receive your dog with open arms. This ensures the dog associates the occurrence as a positive encounter and carry on obeying.
  • Now, you will need to practice jingling the keys first, and then calling your dog since the primary objective is to get your dog to obey to the sound of the keys only.
  • Finally, devote about a week of training to getting your dog to respond to only the sound of the keys. Reward your dog each time he or she obeys.
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You can use keys in dog training to achieve your goals on multiple fronts. Once your dog is conditioned to respond to the set of keys, you can resort to this new way as an alternative to the “come” command. Even you can utilize the method to stop undesirable behavior, such as chewing, barking, and more.

How true it is that dogs reflect the character of their masters! A noisy, blustering windbag of a man inevitably has a dog that rushes out to roar at everything that will give ground to him. The dour chap possesses a sullen beast of kind, and your hail fellow sort of person usually owns a merry member of the tail-waggers that considers all passers-by friends. – Paul A. Curtis

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