Using an Electronic Dog Door For a 24/7 Access In Your House

An electronic dog door is extremely useful if you are a dog owner who lives in a house. Most of us are used to the classic dog doors that were also very useful until now. But as everything in this wold knew a progress, dog doors did too.

Not necessarily everything that is new has to be better but as we talk about electronic dog doors I have to say that it is a good progress. No I have to convince you too, do I? I will give you some arguments to sustain what I just said right away.

The electronic dog door is great because it can work for small or large dogs as well, it is well built and it is excellent sealed when closed, it is racoon resistant and the best of all is that it opens without flap. Besides these advantages you may encounter some very few disadvantages. One of them is the high price but it worth every penny. You will easily convince yourself after using it for a while.

electronic dog door

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It is extremely safe to use these doors because you can be sure that nothing else except your dog can enter your house on that door. Why is that? Because your dog has to wear a collar which is supposed to transmit the command to the door to open when the dog approaches. So the door will only open to that specific command transmitted from the collar worn by your dog. Isn’t it just great? You know that the dogs and the cats from the neighborhood know how to use the classical doors for pets and maybe you already confronted to the situation when you found them into your house. Not to mention the racoons who are your uninvited guests sometimes. With an electronic dog door you can forget about them.

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Every dog is used or should be used to wear a collar. If yours isn’t trained to accept one until now, you have to work a little bit on your dog’s collar training. It shouldn’t be too hard for you to do, you have some tips about this training in another article on this site. Use them and make your dog accept the collar. As soon as you manage to solve this problem, you can start using the electronic door for your dog. Almost any dog can wear the collar of this door system, but it can be a little bit harder with small dog breeds, because for them the collar transmitter is a bit large. That’s why it can be uncomfortable for them to wear it and they might even lose the collar. In this case they won’t be able to re-enter the house.

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You can find these doors made of different materials and the prices vary according to this. The doors are on different sizes so that they fit the size of your dog. The design is also different, you can surely find one that goes just perfect with your house. The price varies according to these differences, but you must know that none of them is really cheap. But as I said earlier, when you will have it you will realise how very useful it can be. Did you use such a door before? What do you think about them?

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