Using an Electronic Dog Door For a 24/7 Access In Your House

An electronic dog door is extremely useful if you are a dog owner who lives in a house. Most of us are used to the classic dog doors that have been widely popular thus far. But with time, dog doors have also undergone a change.

Need for an Electronic Dog Door

  • The electronic dog door is great because it can work for both small and large dogs.
  • It is well built, raccoon resistant, and opens without flap.
  • It is sealed when closed.

However, there are a few disadvantages as well, especially its high price. But it is worth your money because it is extremely safe to use these doors. The best part is nobody except your dog will use the door to enter your house. How?

How Does An Electronic Dog Door Work

Well, it’s simple – your pooch will wear a collar, which is designed to transmit a command to the door to open when the dog approaches. So the door will open only to that specific command transmitted from the collar worn by your dog.

This certainly makes the electronic dog door a handy addition to your dog’s safety gear, especially when classical doors are vulnerable enough to allow neighborhood pets to sneak in.

Not to forget raccoons that can easily breach your classic door security and be your uninvited guests. With an electronic dog door you can forget about them.

Every dog is used or should be used to wearing a collar. If yours isn’t trained to accept one, you have to work on your dog’s collar training.

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It shouldn’t be too hard for you to do. We have shared some tips about this training in another article. These tips can come in handy to make your dog accept the collar. As soon as you manage to solve this problem, you can start using the electronic door for your dog. Any dog can wear the collar of this door system, but it can be little difficult with small dog breeds, as the collar transmitter is a bit large for them. Therefore, it may be uncomfortable for them to wear it. Additionally, they might lose the collar. If they do, they cannot re-enter the house, since the door lock won’t open unless it receives the command from the collar transmitter.

Electronic dog doors are made of different materials and sizes, and prices vary accordingly. Choose the one that perfectly fits the size of your pooch. You may want to pick a design that complements your home decor.

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