Using a Dog Seat Belt Can Prevent a Tragic Accident

Do you often think twice if putting your dog seat belt or not? How often does he wear a seat belt and when does he happen not to wear it? Do you think it worth the risk to drive your car with your dog walking and playing all around? It doesn’t make any sense. If you always protect you and your children by wearing a seat-belt in the car, why shouldn’t you do the same with your dog? Doesn’t he deserve your protection too? Let’s be honest, we do not talk here just about your dog’s safety, but about your safety too. A dog can distract your attention from driving and you can never know what may happen in those very few seconds that you turned your head back to see what happens there.

Specialist say that if you are distracted only two seconds from driving, the risk of an accident can double. And if your dog walks feely into your car it is impossible not to turn from time to time just to see where he is and what is he doing.

dogs car windows

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Any dog likes rides in the car. Some dogs owners think to make this pleasure bigger by keeping the dog on their laps. This can be extremely dangerous for you and for your dog too. Do you think that it worth the risk just because your dog has a better view? Is it more important than your life and the lives of the other persons in your car? Is this view much more important than your dog’s life? Why don’t you drive the car with your child on your laps? You realize that this can be very dangerous, don’t you? Well, here I have to agree with you.

dog seat belt

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Many states already voted some laws that no longer allow the drivers to keep their dogs on their lap and some very high fines are to be paid in case you are caught driving this way. Other states are just about to adopt the same rules and it seems pretty fair to me. As much as you like adventure or love your dog, the life is above everything. Do whatever it is necessary to keep it and live it the way you should. A dog seat belt can help you more than you can imagine.

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The dog seat belt are meant to restrain your dog safely in the vehicle to prevent your distraction from driving. Taking into account that car accident are one of the main causes of death for people, you should do whatever you can to avoid accidents. The seat belt does not only have this purpose. It also prevent situations when your dog might destroy the interior of your car. Let’s admit it, there are such dogs.

dog head outside the window

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If you spend so much time to train your dog, you spend a lot of money to provide him the best food, you spend a lot for the grooming and others, just to make your dog’s life much more pleasant, do you think that you can make him wear the seat belt for yours and his sake? Will you try doing so from now on?

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