Understanding Dog Anxiety Symptoms – Which Ones Does Your Pet Have?

Every dog owner has to deal with dog separation anxiety. This happens when you leave him home alone. Your pooch might defecate, urinate, chew, bark, dig, or howl, when he is suffering from dog anxiety. If your furry friend is in distress, he may show up these symptoms. When he is anxious, he might show any of the following symptoms:


– excessive salivation

– whining

– barking

– destroying things in the house

– eliminating in the room

– scratching the walls and other things in the room

– trying to escape

Of course, you don’t like your dog to suffer or exhibit dog behavior problems because of the separation.

If you don’t give your dog the attention he needs, he will respond to even negative attention. He wants to feel cared about and would do anything to attract your attention.

Simulated Dog Anxiety Symptoms

By establishing your authority before your furry friend, you are sending him a strong message to obey all of your commands.

 Strong obedience training is important to teach him how to avoid this behavior and spend time in his crate. You can train him to stay there. Start with crate training when you are at home, than when you are leaving. This should help you deal with your dog’s bad behavior and anxiety problems.

Dogs often suffer from separation anxiety if they separate from you even for a few hours. The real dog anxiety symptoms may include:

– A freezing posture with tense muscles

– Eyes that blink rapidly or an unblinking stare

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– Ears pined back as a sign of fear

– Refusal to eat

– A distracted behavior

The first thing you should do to help your dog with his anxiety symptoms is to get to know him well. When you know how he acts in different circumstances, you will learn how to deal with each problem. When you understand your dog’s needs, it is a good idea to start teaching him what you expect him to do and he will get to know your expectations.

Once he understands this, he will realize that these are his responsibilities and anxiety will no longer be a problem.

Have you ever had to deal with this situation? How did you manage to get over this?

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