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Watch: Funny Dog Bath Videos

We have encountered a bunch of dogs who absolutely love the bath time. And then there are some that just loathe it. In this particular compilation, we get a load of dogs that just refuse to get in the water. Let’s watch these hilarious clips of dogs before …

Things You Need To Know About Dogs And Marijuana!

With the recent legalization of marijuana is some states, dog owners should be more careful to keep their stash in a safe place – out of the reach of their curious dogs. Here are some things you should know about dogs and marijuana. Some time ago, a video of …

Man Returns Home And His Puppy Has The Sweetest Reaction!

In this video, a man returns home and his puppy has the sweetest reaction! This adorable Boxer puppy is super happy that her owner is home! Watch as she wiggles and squiggles from joy at the home coming! Loving words, a wagging tail and big smiles make even …

Chubby Sleeping Corgi Puppy Takes Cute To A Whole New Level!

What’s cuter than a Corgi? A chubby sleeping Corgi puppy! This pup takes cute to a whole new level. Puppy Shady is one fluffy Corgi – not to mention cute and adorable! Shady had just come in from a walk and she’s exhausted. She’s so tired she fell …


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