Traveling By Air With Your Dog? Here’s What To Consider!

Are you considering traveling by air with your dog? Are you one of those owners who get anxious when your dog is left behind? Despite all the hassles of air travel with dogs, some owners opt to take their pooches with them when traveling by air to their travel destination.

When flying with your dog, first check the weather condition of the area you will be visiting and whether there are any disease outbreaks, such as parasites, ticks, and rabies. Also, note that some countries and states do not allow animal travelers to enter their territories. Here are some tips for traveling by air with your dog!

Tips for Traveling By Air With Your Dog

Look for Dog-friendly Hotels At Your Destination

After considering the weather conditions and health risks for your dog, the next thing you should take into consideration is the hotel or vacation home that you plan to stay during your trip. Make sure that the conditions are pet-friendly, whether you’re staying with friends or family or in a hotel.

Remember, “pet-friendly” does not always mean dog-friendly. “Dog-friendly” does not always mean that the place allows large dog breeds as guests. Make sure you are well-versed with all the details before planning your stay there.

If you cannot make lodging arrangements for your dog, you must make sure your dog is cared for by a sitter at home. You may also opt to have your dog cared for at a pet hotel near your home.

 Choosing a Pet-friendly Airline

So you’ve found a nice hotel where you and your furry baby can stay! What’s next? Unless you’re going on a road trip, you will have to choose a pet-friendly airline.

There are airlines that allow dogs to be taken into the cabin as long as they fit under the seat. But some will only allow dogs in the cargo hold. There are also airlines that allow both.

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Many airlines do not allow certain dogs to travel. Brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog breeds may not be allowed. Puppies should also be at least 8-15 weeks old to travel by air.

Airlines also check if the dog is a barker or whiner. There is also a limit on the number of dogs allowed in the cabin.

Make sure your dog’s certificates of vaccination and other medical examinations are with you, as you will be required to present these papers before boarding the flight.

 Dog Crate for Traveling By Air With Your Dog

Not all dog crates are the same. Some crates are designed for use at home, while some others are made for travel. Make sure that your dog crate fits in with the airline’s rules and regulations.

 Veterinarian Away from Home

Hooray! You’ve found a nice hotel, you have chosen the most pet-friendly airline, and your dog’s air travel-friendly crate is ready! What’s next?

Your dog may be healthy and kicking, but it is a good idea to find some animal clinics where you are traveling. Accidents can happen, and dogs can get intestinal problems during travels, too!

When you have found a vet in the area, consult their clinic’s policy on walk-in pets. You should also inquire about the basic fee and other costs.

It is nice to spend a wonderful vacation with your dog! While you want to ensure your pet’s safety, do not forget to relax and enjoy.

Happy Holidays! Have fun while traveling by air with your dog.

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