Train Your Dog For A Hassle-Free Experience In The Future

It’s a shame that some dog owners buy or adopt dogs just for the sake of company, when they are bored, just to have someone play with when they feel lonely, just to satisfy their own needs, without thinking about their dog’s needs.


You can’t have the same expectations from a dog as you have from humans. Some of us don’t know that. They just expect that when taking a dog at home, you expose him the rules of your house and he will obey. It’s not like that with dogs.

Your furry friend is your responsibility. That’s why, when choosing your dog, be attentive to choose the dog breed that works the best for your lifestyle. If you take a dog with a lot of energy, you must know that he has to spend it on something, that’s why your dog’s temperament should fit yours.

If you have a dog, you must train your dog to be as you expect him to be, and there are several basic types of training that he will have to accomplish. Nobody can’t train your dog about how to behave in your house and during your walks better than you. So be aware of the big responsibility you have.

You must make a very good plan before starting your dog’s training. First of all, plan to train your dog for about ten or fifteen minutes daily. No less than that because your work will be in vain and your dog will not be able to remember anything, but no more than fifteen minutes because it might become fatiguing and unentertaining for both of you.

If there are several members in your family, it is important to establish from the very beginning who will train your dog, because he learns better and faster from one person. When the training is accomplished, he will obey the commands of the rest of the family too, but make it easier for him to learn from just one person who uses the same techniques.

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Share the training rules with all members of your family. Everyone needs to know what the dog is allowed to do and what he isn’t. If the dog sees that he can cheat a member of your family to allow him doing something he was taught he shouldn’t do, it will undermine all your training work.

The first thing you must train a dog is potty training. It is the most important because as you know, a dog needs to eliminate quite frequently, and if he isn’t trained to do this in appropriate places, you will have a lot of work and stress with cleaning up and eliminating the bad smell.

Then you should train your dog to stay in the crate. This must be a gradually training. At first, he must see you around him when he is locked in the crate, otherwise he will associate the crate with the time when you leave home and he will not want to enter the crate any longer.  If this is the case, don’t force him to enter, but make the crate more interesting for him, maybe with a comfortable bed or a new toy, so that the dog wants to go inside.

The third thing a dog needs to know is the leash for your walks. He must know that when you are outside he is expected to wear the leash to stay close to you.

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