Top 7 Most Effective Protection Dogs

Protection dogs are very frequent these days. And let’s be honest, if we keep a dog in our house anyway, why couldn’t he be also useful? If you do not have any special needs regarding dogs, you simply are a dog lover and you want a dog companion for the next years of your life, protection dogs can be the best choice you can make. Why is that? Because they have a double use: that of a great companion for you and protection for you and your house all the time.

If you like and you necessarily want to have a certain dog breed in your house you must know that not every dog is good to be protection dog. We’ll discuss today about some dog breeds that are just perfect for the protection job. Not necessarily the first one I mention is the best, I will present them to you also according to my personal preferences.

Rottweiler is extremely intelligent and devoted to his owner. He is very suspect on strangers, these qualities making him a very good dog to protect you. Not to mention his aspect! He has a very strong muscular build that would make any burglar run as fast as he can.

Protection dogs

Photo by: Juan Ramon

Bullmastiff is a very strong dog that knows how to help with you with the intruders. He has very strong protective instincts and a very big physical strength. Yes, he is very brutish with burglars but you will see that in the family environment he can be very docile and you will love his company.


Photo by: Eran Finkle

German Shepherd are very confident dogs and have no fear. They learn very fast any command as they are extremely intelligent. That’s why they are frequently used with great success as police dogs. But it is very protective and loyal with his owners.

German Shepherd

Photo by: Damian Synnott

Akita is a very protective dog but it’s not recommended if you have children because sometimes he can be very aggressive. Still if you want this dog, please buy it as a puppy and immediately start obedience training with him. Otherwise you might encounter different difficulties.


Photo by: Toshihiro

Rhodesian Ridgeback is a handsome, intelligent and gentle dog with his family. It was used to lion hunting, so imagine how very strong he is! Just perfect to face the burglars who want to devastate your house. You must know that he is very protective with the ones he loves.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Photo by: Cynr

Collie is a dog breed that you might not think that can be a good dog for protection. But despite the fact that he rarely shows signs of aggression you must know that if his family is in danger he can de really aggressive and he would do anything to protect you and your children, as he is very friendly with children.


Photo by: Marco Verch

Doberman Pinscher is great to [protect large properties as he is a very fast dog and he is able to reach the intruder in short while of time. Dobermans are very loyal, fearless and alert dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

Photo by: Pato Garza

These are just some of the breeds that can protect you and your property. If you have one of these dog breeds, please let us know in the comment section below if they are good protection dogs for your family and your property.

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