Top 6 Low Maintenance Dogs

You have always dreamed of having a dog, but you are wondering about the maintenance perspective. Yes, you love dogs, and having a dog involves a lot of responsibilities. The responsibilities vary from breed to breed. There are low maintenance dogs that do not require any special care.

If you were thinking that you live in an apartment and can’t afford to keep a dog as they are very energetic, you may be surprised to know that there are dog breeds that do not need a lot of space. Additionally, some dog breeds do not need a lot of exercises either.  This means you can keep a low maintenance dog.

If you think that small breeds are good for your apartment, you may be wrong. Some small dog breeds can be very noisy and full of energy, so they are not perfect for your apartment lifestyle. Contrarily, there are big dog breeds that are just perfect for apartment life.

Low Maintenance Dog Breeds

Bulldog is known as an inactive dog; so he doesn’t need a lot of exercises. He is one of the low maintenance dogs that makes a good companion for children. They have a very short fur, so they don’t need regular grooming. As a result, a bulldog may be the perfect dog for you.

Chihuahua is a tiny dog breed – the smallest on the planet. The short haired breed makes a great apartment dog. He doesn’t need a lot of exercises or too much space to roam around. If you live in a small apartment, you can go for a Chihuahua. The dog breed is known to develop the deepest affection for a single person. So if you have a family, he might not be the right choice.

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Pug does not need a lot of training and exercise. The small-sized dog doesn’t need a lot of space. They are very cute. However, these dogs shed all the year round.

Beagle does not shed too much. The dog breed needs little grooming from time to time. They are friendly with kids and make a perfect apartment dog. They love to be surrounded by their human family, so Beagles make an apt choice as a family dog.

Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed dog who has big hair, but it doesn’t need too much grooming. As he is very little, he needs less space, training, and exercise. A Yorkshire Terrier is a the right choice if you don’t have enough time for these activities.

Bichon Frise is a very cute medium-sized dog. They are loved for their fluffy aspect. Despite being a fluffy breed, they don’t shed too much. If you don’t want to have a lot of work with grooming, you can have his hair clipped short.


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