Top 4 Must-Know Dog Commands

No matter the breed, the age, and the house where they live, every dog must know some basic dog commands and how to obey them. Why is that? Dogs are born with canine instincts, and if they are not educated, they might cause you a lot of problems in your dog’s future life. A well-trained dog is always a pride for his owner, no matter the circumstances or situations.

Before starting with any type of training, your dog must obey a few dog commands and you must be the one to help him with this. The truth is that it is quite easy to teach these dog commands if you use appropriate approaches. A very good working method in dog training is rewarding. Pay attention to reward your pet with some dog training treats every time he learns a new command. He will be very pleased and will want to repeat it to get another reward from you. You can use such commands as “Good dog!” or food rewards to keep your furry friend obedient.

  1. The most important of all dog commands is “Sit!” Every dog must know and understand it. You can teach your dog to sit by showing him that you keep in your hand his favorite treats. When he observes what you are holding, take your hand and your eyes to the rear of your dog and ask him to sit. If he obeys your command, don’t forget to reward him.
  2. The second important dog command is “Down!” If your dog knows and obeys this command, you will no longer have problems with him jumping onto you or other people around. These basic dog commands are easy to teach if you use treats. Take a treat in your hand and make sure your furry pal knows that you have something exciting for him. Slowly put it on the ground. During this entire process, you must keep telling your dog to stay “Down!”
  3. Another command your dog must know is “Stay!” This command will help you the most when you will be outside of your home along with your dog. It can be a life-saving command, because if you can sense a danger for your furry friend, all you have to do is shout “Stay.” If your dog obeys your command, there will be no danger. When your dog is seated, walk away a little and ask him to stay where he is. Keep your eyes on him and don’t let him move, making him understand that you don’t want him to follow you.
  4. The dog command “Come” will be useful for you all the time. You can use the command if you are in the house and want him to be with you, or when you are outside for a walk and your dog walks with you, or even when you let him play free for a while and want him back on the leash after some time. This is an easy way to teach your dog how to come to you. Stay at a certain distance from your dog with his favorite treat in your hand and ask him to come to you. At first, he will come to get the treat, but very soon he will get used to the command “Come!” and he will come to you as soon as he will hear your voice asking him to.
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Of course, there are many other commands a dog should know, but these 4 commands are the most important of all.

How many dog commands does your pet know?

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