Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

When looking for a dog for your apartment, you should take a lot of things into consideration. Some apartments have banned specific breeds of dogs. It is a good idea to confirm this with your apartment so that you do not adopt a dog breed restricted in your apartment. You should consider what breed best fits your interests and personality.  Let’s find out the best dog breeds for apartments.

Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

There are several quizzes available online that require you to answer a few short questions and they will then match you with the best breed based on these answers, and this is always a good place to start when looking into what dog breed would best be suited for your apartment. Also, incredibly energetic dog breeds that need a lot of room to run or need consistent exercise are not for apartment dwellers unless you have ample time to take the dog outside or to a dog park.

Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Apartments

Yorkshire Terrier

This is probably the best among dog breeds for apartments. They are small, usually ranging from 3 to 10 pounds, so they are perfect for any size of an apartment. The Yorkshire Terrier has a very pleasant temperament, bonding easily and quickly with family members. They are typically receptive to strangers and other animals. When looking at lists for the top 10 best dog breeds for apartments, these dogs are always sure to make the list and usually occupy the first place.


This is another good choice for apartments. The Maltese is hypoallergenic and his hair is very close to that of a human with very less shedding and allergens. Like the Yorkshire Terrier, they average around 5 to 7 pounds and are incredibly friendly. Sometimes they can be a little timid, but there is little to no fear of them being aggressive toward your neighbors or their pets when you are out for a walk.

Boston Terrier

These are good dogs for people who want something that is a little bigger than a Yorkshire or the Maltese. The Boston Terrier is about 12 to 15 pounds, so it is still not a huge dog. They have a good amount of energy so you are sure to stay entertained without the need for a huge play area.

King Charles Cocker Spaniel

Hailed as one of the best dog breeds for apartments, the King Charles Cocker Spaniel makes great apartment pets. They are smaller than an average Cocker Spaniel, weighing around 15 pounds. These are very docile, loyal, and loving dogs. These qualities make them perfect for apartment owners who want to take their pet on a walk without fear of having a nuisance for others living in the vicinity.

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Also commonly known as a wiener dog, these short and stout guys make perfect pets for an apartment. The Dachshund averages about 15 to 20 pounds but do not get very tall in size, so they are perfect for apartments. They are not incredibly energetic, although they do love a good game of tug-o-war!

English Bulldog

Despite their intimidating size and weight, these gentle giants are incredibly good for apartment life. The Bulldog is very quiet and laid back, weighing an average of 60 pounds. They are perfect “masculine” dogs for bachelors who want a pet for their apartments.


These small dogs are perfect for apartment living. The Greyhound is small in size, weighing 8 pounds on average. These dogs are incredibly quiet so they are perfect for apartments with thin walls. They are slightly timid but are great for families with little kids, strangers, and other pets.


These adorable dogs are increasing in popularity and considered among the most suitable dog breeds for apartments. About 10 to 15 pounds, these dogs appeal to any apartment dweller. The Pug and children are so good with people and animals. They love everybody and everything instantly, so you can rest assured that your pet would have no issues finding a playmate among your apartment’s pets.

West Highland White Terrier

An incredibly intelligent dog breed, the West Highland White Terrier is mild-mannered dogs. They weigh about 15 pounds. Although they are quite energetic, they do not need huge expanses of area to roam. They get along well with others, so they are perfect for strolls through apartments with a high pet population.


Small, unruffled, and good-tempered, the Havanese is among the most preferred dog breeds for apartments. These dogs are incredibly cute and weigh about 7 pounds. They are relatively quiet dogs, which makes them good for apartments. Your neighbors, who do not want to hear the sound of barking dogs, will not complain. They are incredibly adaptable, which makes them perfect for apartment life. Like many of the breeds listed, they are good with others.

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