Tips You Need To Know When Walking your Dog

All the time when you take your dog out for a walk you have to make him obey your rules and follow you wherever you take him, without any disobedient behavior. This time we will learn some tips on how to keep your dog focused on your demands, even if there could be distractions around him.

People around you will be amazed by the way your dog obeys and follows you. Do you want to impress them? Try these simple dog tips:

  1. Make your dog understand that you are a team in all that you do, but you are the leader of the team. You can work as a team as long as your dog understands his place.
  2. During your walks, you should always walk in front of your dog. You must be the first to step out the door and the first one to step in the door. When your furry friend sees you all the time in front, your dog will learn that he has to obey and follow you.
  3. One of the most important dog tips for a walk is to use a short leash so that your dog may understand that you want to control him from very close.
  4. One of the most important dog tips is that when you take your dog for a walk, take enough time for this. Walks with your dog shouldn’t be done in a rush. You might need at least half an hour per walk to spend with your furry friend because a dog has a lot of energy and he has to use it. If he uses it during your walks, you won’t have unpleasant surprises at home.
  5. If your dog obeys your commands during a walk, you can release him for a short while. Dogs like freedom and this will encourage him to exhibit good behavior in the future. But be aware: the time of his release should be shorter than the time you planned for the walk, he shouldn’t be free during an entire walk.
  6. Keep your dog on the leash before and after the walk too. For example, until you put on your coat, searching for the keys, or taking off the shoes. This would make him understand that he must be obedient not only outside, but also inside.
  7. After a pleasant walk, your dog will be happy to get good food and water as a reward. This would help him understand that his good behavior gives him more time to spend together.
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You love your furry friend and know that he deserves a special treatment even though he never asks you for anything, in return. You can find special rewards in pet stores. If he is special, make something special for him. Learning and implementing these simple dog tips would be a perfect start.

Do you think your dog deserves that?

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