Tips To Calm Your Dog During Fireworks!

Dogs get stressed during the New Year and Fourth of July celebrations because of all the booms and bangs! As a concerned dog owner, you should know how to calm your dog during fireworks!

A dog’s hearing is extremely acute. Dogs hear things a lot louder than humans do. The booms of fireworks are loud but tolerable for us, but seem a bit like Armageddon for them.

On specific holidays when fireworks are traditionally used to mark celebrations, such as the New Year and Fourth of July, the number of lost and hurt dogs increases every year. Terrified dogs run away from their owner’s home, seeking a quiet and safe place to hide. But we all know a frantic, runaway dog is accident prone or could end up in a far worse situation!

Tips to Keep Your Dogs Calm During Fireworks

  1. Keep your dog indoors. You may want to place your furry friend in a room where they feel the safest. This could be your bedroom or the basement. Dogs are natural escape artists, so make sure the room is secure. For extra precaution, you can opt to put your pooch inside a cage in the room.
  2. Ask your veterinarians for anti-anxiety drugs or recommend supplements or pheromone sprays to help calm your dog.
  3. Leaving the TV on or playing the music loudly enough to cover the sound of fireworks explosions is also recommended.
  4. Playing with your dog inside a secure room will also help divert your dog’s attention.
  5. There are K-9 Calming Vests, ThunderShirts, and Anxiety Wraps available on the market. These dog clothing options fit tightly around your dog’s body to make him feel safe and secure. But this may not work on all dogs.
Tips For Leaving Your Dog Alone!

Having your dog microchipped and adding a tag to your furry friend’s collar may help you find your dog in case he goes missing. Make sure to give your dog lots of water to help cope with the stress.

Giving treats to chew and gnaw on may help as well.

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