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Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Swimming Pool

Before you let your dog dive into the pool, make sure you take necessary precautions in keeping your dog safe in the swimming pool!   Many dog breeds, including Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Newfoundlands, love water and are natural swimmers. These dogs do have a lot of fun …

Does Your Dog Love The Park? Learn About Dog Park Etiquette!

Planning to take your dog to dog parks? You should keep in mind dog park etiquette. Summer is here! With the beautiful weather, you might fancy the idea of taking your fur baby to a dog park. Dog Park Etiquette A dog park is a great place to …

Tips For Leaving Your Dog Alone!

You can’t spend every minute with your dog – life gets in the way! Here are a few tips for leaving your dog alone. Leaving our dogs home alone makes most dog lovers feel guilty. Whether you’re going out to pick up groceries, or meeting a friend for a …

Tips To Prevent Your Dog From Going Missing

The loss of a dog is a nightmare for pet lovers. Nobody wants to experience the stress of searching a lost furry friend, and sleepless nights worrying whether your furry bundle of joy is safe and alive can take a toll on your health. While there are several reasons why and how …

Tips To Calm Your Dog During Fireworks!

Dogs get stressed during the New Year and Fourth of July celebrations because of all the booms and bangs! As a concerned dog owner, you should know how to calm your dog during fireworks! A dog’s hearing is extremely acute. Dogs hear things a lot louder than humans do. …


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