Tiny Protesting Golden Retriever Puppy Doesn’t Want To Go To Sleep! Adorable Puppy Video!


This little guy is certainly not part of the pack. He’s adorably stubborn with a mind of his own.

Uh-oh! This protesting Golden Retriever puppy doesn’t want to go to sleep!

This little pup just had his dinner. His littermates are in dreamland, but this little cutie is doing his own thing – very vocally!

“You’re the only one awake,” mom tells the precious pup.


The pup releases the cutest squeaky bark to protest.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” mom asks the little sweetheart.

The pup pauses – as if pondering the question and then replies with another adorable little bark.

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“What is it?”mom asks. “Want me to come in there?’”she says pointing to his pen.

But again his reply comes in a series of funny puppy barks.

“You’re all dirty from your food,” the owner says.

Unsurprisingly, the adorable Golden Retriever pup barks back at her and scampers over to the cage.

This stubborn little Golden definitely has a mind of his own!

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