This Dog’s Owners Try Talk To Him And His Response Is Totally Hilarious!



Does your dog respond when you talk to him? This pooch certainly does!

This dog’s owners want to talk to him but his response is all blah blah’s…literally!

Charlie is in the kitchen with his owners. They’re having a conversation and it seems that the pooch is game to join it!

This Dogs Owners Try Talk To Him And His Response Is Totally Hilarious

At the beginning of the video, one kid can be heard saying, “Blah, blah!”

Charlie, who looks like a Labrador mix, then responds with a series of “Blah, blah’s” too!

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“Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,” Charlie says.

The dog’s amused owners cannot help but giggle. They even try to get Charlie to say hello.

Sadly, all Charlie can utter is “Blah, blah”!

Oh, Charlie!


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