This Dog Burying Her Dead Puppy Is Going To Break Your Hearts!

A heartbreaking video of a dog burying her dead puppy was uploaded to YouTube and has gone viral, receiving more than 1.4 million views.

A dog finds the dead body of a young puppy and gently buries the pup using her nose to move the dirt.  After covering the puppy’s corpse, the dog walks away.

This Dog Burying Her Dead Puppy Is Going To Break Your Hearts

It’s clearly an act of kindness. Do dogs mourn their dead and is this an act of ceremonious mourning? The touching video seems to indicate they do just that.

It is not known if the dog was puppy’s mother or just passed by and paid her respects. No matter of the circumstances, the touching footage has touched hearts worldwide.

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A dog’s capacity for empathy continues to astound us.The depth of a dog’s love knows no bounds!

This is a very sad video, but it’s also heart-warming in it’s own way!

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