Thinking Of Getting A Teacup Dog? Expert Says Teacup Dogs Don’t Get To Be Dogs And Have Health Problems!

Tiny dogs may be cute and adorable but a veterinarians says teacup dogs don’t really get to be dogs and suffer from various health problems!

The main problem is that a teacup dogs’ heart has to beat hard and to push blood through their frail, underdeveloped bodies.


Teacup dogs’ rising popularity

The popularity is teacup dogs in on the rise.

“I started seeing that trend maybe 10 years ago,” Veronica Perry, rescue and foster coordinator at East Valley Animal Shelter in Van Nuys, California, told The Dodo. “I don’t know what started it. I’m sure it was a TV show or something.”

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Photo: ParisHilton/Instagram

It seems that the popularity of so-called teacup dogs started after hotel heiress Paris Hilton was seen toting micro-dogs in public. The hotel heiress even paid a Canadian breeder $13,000 for a 12-ounce Pomeranian in 2014 before getting another micro pup, a 6-ounceYorkshire Terrier, from the same breeder, Betty’s Teacup Yorkies.

“She led the way of destruction,” Perry says. “She flaunted buying a dog from this breeder in Canada who breeds these tiny little dogs. And then everyone had to have one.”


Exactly what is a teacup dog

No one really knows because the term teacup isn’t officially recognized by any kennel club.

Essentially, all “exceptionally small” dogs falls under the umbrella.

Animal Planet says that a teacup pup could be any small dog weighing less than the American Kennel Club-approved standard weight for their breed – like a teacup Yorkie weighing 2 pounds instead of the standard weight of 4 pounds.

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In short, no dog breed is a teacup by default. That leaves the field open for opportunistic breeders to further shrink an already small breed like a Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier into something new and terrible – all for the sake of profit.


Many teacup dogs land up in shelters

Most people think teacup dogs are so adorable that a lot of people would die to have one. But the truth is, teacups often land up in shelters.

According to Perry, people often return the pooches and say, “I can’t do anything with them.”

Unlike most dogs, teacup dogs cannot do many physical activities that most dogs enjoy.

“They have tiny little hearts,” Perry says. “And tiny little lungs. They don’t last as long.”

Perry says their tiny bones are scarcely developed. They barely get exercise and their organs are often overworked.

“The reasons why people want toy dogs are the worst things for dogs,” she says.

Sadly, these frail-bodied pooches don’t quite get a lot of chance to live their lives as dogs. They are often kept purses with little to no exercise and even have less interaction with other dogs,

“No matter what, they’re dogs,” Perry explains. “Dogs are social animals.”


Source: The Dodo

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