Thinking Of Breeding Your Dog? Things To Consider!

Are you thinking of breeding your dog? There are many reasons for wanting to bring new puppies into the world. They range from reproducing the perfect dam or sire to making money selling puppies. For many, breeding puppies is an appealing prospect.

Thinking Of Breeding Your Dog

It seems so simple: mate two dogs and wait for the litter to arrive. Then spend 8 weeks or so caring for the adorable, amusing pups and watch them head off to their new homes. Who wouldn’t like to reproduce with their dog?

Time for a reality check! There are lots of things to consider before taking this step. Consider these carefully.

Veterinary care and expenses

The process of breeding, pregnancy, whelping (giving birth), and raising pups hardly ever happens without some medical problem or complication. It is essential to understand that every aspect of creating, growing and raising pups is challenging to the female dogs health.

Additionally, unspayed female dogs have a higher risk of cancer of the breast and pyometra, (growth inside the uterus), which can be life-threatening.

Have an honest discussion with your vet before considering breeding the with your precious girl.

Is your dog a good breeding candidate?

Having a pure-bred dog does not necessarily mean they are suitable. Dogs with exceptional personality and conformation are best suited.

Breed related health problems must be researched and health clearances obtained. Some larger breeds are prone to hip dysplasia, for instance. The possible breeding dog’s hip joints will have to be x-rayed and examined. If your dog doesn’t score well, they shouldn’t be bred because there’s a good chance that the puppies will inherit this. To find out more, you can go to the national breed association site for your dog breed.

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It is also recommended that you work with a professional breeder who can help you decide if your dog’s temperament, conformation, and health clearances make him or her an ideal candidate for breeding.

Income potential from breeding

The hard reality is that the income generated is typically far less than the expenses related to breeding a dog and raising puppies.

The need for a Cesarean section (C-section), a sick puppy, or a case of mastitis can eliminate all possible income. And don’t forget about the stud fee. This can be very expensive if the male has been cleared for health problems.

There’s also  no assurance of the number of puppies that will arrive, much less make it through the birthing process.

Time and effort of breeding

Have you got time? Caring for puppies is a lot of work. Round-the-clock cleaning and monitoring is a must. You’ll also need at least two or three visits to the vet clinic for “herd health”. Are you prepared to quit your day job for at least 6 weeks while caring for a litter? If not, you’ll need to hire some help.

Overpopulation of dogs

Mixed breed dogs are not the only ones involved in the pet overpopulation issue. The local shelter or humane organization are full of abandoned pure-bred dogs. And those are the dogs in care.

Refraining from breeding your pet dog could be the truly socially sensitive move to make.

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