The Truth About Antibiotics For Dogs

Are you wondering whether antibiotics for dogs are a good option? If your dog needs antibiotics, it means he is sick. But this does not mean you should administer an antibiotic to your pooch without consulting a vet.

If your dog feels sick, the very first thing you must do is to take him to a vet. Never give your dog any kind of medication without the advice of a vet. It’s dangerous to manage the sickness of your pet on your own, without consulting a veterinarian. Administering a medication without the vet’s advice can make things worse for your dog, because you might not know the adverse reactions of a particular medicine.

Need for Antibiotics for Dogs

Antibiotics are used for:

  • Bacterial infections
  • Fungal infections
  • Viral infections
  • Protozal infections

Bacterial antibiotics destroy harmful cells by hindering its ability to convert glucose into energy.

A sick dog needs professional help. There is no substitute to medical advice.

The goal of antibiotics is to help your dog when he is in a very bad situation. A big mistake that many people make is to put their dogs on antibiotics whenever they get sick. This is a big mistake. If you too have done so before, don’t do it again. By repeating antibiotic dosage, your dog might become resistant to the medicine. This means when your furry friend is in need for antibiotics, they might not work. This can get serious.

Most of the human antibiotics work just great for your dog too. But some of them can make your dog even worse or kill him. That’s why, you should not administer any antibiotic medication to your dog without consulting with your vet.

Don’t trust everything that you read on the Internet.

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Antibiotics for dogs are good but they are not necessary every time your dog gets sick.

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