The Importance Of Choosing a Small Dog Crate For A Small Sized Dog Breed

One thing every dog owner should know about a crate is that it is indispensable. It is one of the dog supplies you must have before taking your new dog at home. The crate is a very important tool for dog training and the training has to start the first day when your dog enters your house.

Now you might say that you have a small dog breed and you don’t think that he needs to stay in the crate because he can’t cause too much damage in your house. Well, I am afraid, you are seriously mistaken. A small dog can cause much harm to your property than you could ever imagine! So, you will surely need a small dog crate to keep your little friend under control.

What Dog Crate To Buy

Additionally, you may be wondering why you can’t use a big crate for your small dog. The answer is very simple. It is well known that a dog crate must be large enough so that the adult dog can stand, stretch out and sit. The dog crate shouldn’t be too big, because your dog might use an end of it to sleep and eat and the other end to eliminate. Therefore, for small dog breeds, it is important to use a small dog crate.

However, you must make sure that your dog’s crate has enough space for a comfortable bed, because while your dog will be locked in the crate, he might want to take a nap. So provide him with all that he needs to feel comfortable. He also needs to have a water bowl. You know that dogs usually drink a lot of water. You just can’t keep them closed for hours without a water source because their body may get dehydrated. It can be a very dangerous situation.

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If your furry friend is a puppy and are preparing for leaving him alone for six hours or more, you must leave some food stock in your dog’s crate because puppies need to eat more frequently than an adult dog. To make the time spent in the crate more pleasant, you will also have to put there some of your dog’s favorite toys. If he has all these things in there, he won’t feel that you have been missing for so long.

Small Dog Crate

A small dog crate is about 24 inches depth. They are suitable for dogs from 11 to 25 lbs. they are designed to fit in an adult Bichon Frise, Maltese, Pomeranian, Jack Russel Terrier and other small dog breeds. You can find small dog crates in a variety of colors, steel or wood made, with a security locking system that will give you the certitude that your dog is safe when you can’t be at home with him.

If you want to be a good dog owner, research it all about the needs of your pet before buying or adopting one. Educate yourself about the needs of different dog breeds and ask yourself whether you are ready to own a pet. Then you should try to determine which dog best fits your lifestyle. One such investment is in dog crates that will make life easier for you and comfortable for your pooch.


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