Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog Can And Cannot Eat!

Are you and your dog ready for Thanksgiving? Here are some foods your dog can and cannot eat!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away! All loving dog owners include their dogs in the celebration, but not all traditional Thanksgiving food is healthy for dogs.


According to a survey by petMD, 56% of respondents said they share Thanksgiving table scraps with their pets.

While this is a wonderful way to share the Thanksgiving spirit with our pooches, there are hidden dangers that you would want to avoid.

Thanksgiving Foods Your Dog Can and Cannot Eat


CAN: Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes on their own are good for dogs. However, you should be aware of any additional ingredients that you are using when making food for your pooch. Mashed potatoes may contain cheese, sour cream, butter, onions, and gravy, which can be dangerous for your dogs and other pets.

CANNOT: Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Or Any Allium

Don’t give your dog anything with allium. It may be true that small, well-cooked portions are okay.  But ingesting these foods in large quantities can lead to toxic anemia in dogs.

CAN: Turkey

Turkey is great source of lean protein. Just make sure to stick with white meat and remove any excess skin or fat. Also, do not give your dogturkey bones.


CANNOT: Grapes and Raisins

Many people do not know how toxic grapes and raisins are to dogs. The fruit has been shown to cause kidney failure in dogs.


CAN: Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is generally okay for dogs but make sure to watch the amount of sugar in it.

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CANNOT: Xylitol

In the new age of food handling, artificial sweeteners are used as a substitute for sugar. It may be a healthier choice for humans, but it is terribly fatal for dogs.


CAN: Macaroni and Cheese

If your dog’s stomach handles lactose just fine, macaroni and cheese is a safe to share. To be safe, you can always give your dog plain macaroni.


CANNOT: Chocolate

Humans love chocolate and it seems that dogs cannot resist it too. While we always make sure to keep chocolates away from out dogs, mishaps happen. During the holidays, baking chocolate is often used in recipes and sometimes forgotten about by the time the dishes are served on the table.

To keep your dog safe, make sure your dog does not eat anything with chocolate, especially the baking kind.


CAN: Green Beans

Plain green beans are a healthy vegetable treat you can give your dog. But if the green beans are mixed with the casserole, be conscious of the other ingredients in it.


CANNOT: Alcohol

Never give your dog any food with alcohol – even in little amounts. What humans consider a small amount can be toxic for dogs. Bear in mind that alcohol poisoning can be present in foods like fruit cake and unbaked bread.

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