Teaching Your Dog The “Look” Command

Teaching your dog the “look” command can come in very handy in dog training and everyday situations. It is a technique every dog owner can use to get their dog focused during dog training as well as to refocus their attention from bad behavior. It is also typically used with sport and working canines to get their attention and to give the required instructions.

Young lady teaching "look" command to her dog

To simply call your dog’s name might seem sufficient to get your dog to look. However, it does not work as well as utilizing a command which is positively enforced and used exclusively for getting his or her attention. In addition, calling your dog by their name is used for numerous things, so it is not always effective.

Getting Ready To Teach the Look Command

Teaching your dog the look command is not really hard to do. All it takes is positive reinforcement and a clicker if you choose to use one. You will also need to locate a quiet training area where there are not too many distractions. As soon as this is taken care of, you will be ready to start teaching your dog the look command!

Training Your Dog or Puppy To Obey Look Command

If your pup already knows their name, use this to your benefit. Call your dog’s name and say “look” as soon as they make an eye contact. Then click and reward your dog with a treat and praise. Eventually, you will use the command on its own, but saying your dog’s name is a great way to start training.

Teaching Your Dog The Wait Command

For puppies that do not yet know their name or who are not inclined to respond to it, you need to make use of a treat for added motivation. Begin by showing your pup the treat and slowly bringing his or her attention toward your face. Say the command as soon as your dog stares right at your face, give the reward, click, and then give some praise.

After a day or two of training, it ought to be quicker to get your dog’s attention. Make modifications gradually so that you no longer need to make use of treats as a lure and your dog is responding to the command and the clicker.

Practice Makes Perfect

As soon as your pup has mastered the look command, gradually increase the amount of time you want his attention. All you need to do to is to make your pup wait longer before receiving the reward. Be sure to start off slow. Long periods of eye-to-eye contact may scare some dogs or be viewed as a challenge. In addition, as the time your dog looks at you increases, you should use a word like “okay” that will let him know it is okay to relax.

Finally, it is important that you practice the command in various locations. This helps your dog accustomed to obeying you, irrespective of the situation.

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