Teaching Your Dog The Sit Command

Teaching your dog the sit command is an important part of the dog training process. It is one of the first commands you should teach your furry friend. Sit is also one of the easiest commands to teach and for your dog to learn. It is probably the most commonly used dog command.

Dog sit command training

The sit command is vital for teaching and reinforcing good manners, developing leadership, and ending bad behavior, such as jumping.

There are three major ways to teach your dog the sit command.

Teaching the Sit Command From a Standing to a Sitting Position

This method is considered the most typical training technique for teaching a dog to sit. All you require are a few treats and a quiet area to train your furry friend. When you are ready to begin, follow these steps:

  • Position yourself in front of your dog so that you are facing each other.
  • Hold a treat close to your puppy’s nose and slowly move it above their head. Make sure that you keep about two inches gap between your dog and your hand. Otherwise, the treat might be grabbed unexpectedly and you will lose focus on the training.
  • While you are tempting your dog with the treat, they should automatically get into the sit position. When this occurs, give your dog the treat and lots of praise.
  •  Practice this method a few more times.
  • Once your pup is more self-confident, make use of the sit command so that it is linked to the action. Continue doing this until your dog has perfected the command and regular treats are no longer required to achieve your goals.
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Teaching Your Dog the Sit Command From Down to Sitting Position

This technique is almost the reverse of the previous one and is used less commonly. But it is generally beneficial to have various alternatives, because not every dog learns in the same way. In addition, it is equally effective and easy to do.

  • The first thing you will need to be able to teach the sit command using this approach is to put your dog in a lying or down position.
  • After that, hold a treat while moving your hand above your dog’s head.
  • Your dog will track the treat naturally and get into the sit position.
  • Give the treat and lots of praise quickly so that your puppy understands this desirable behavior.
  • After some practice, speak out the command “Sit” right after your dog gets into the sit position and give him a reward. With time, your dog will start to associate the command with the action and treats will no longer be required.

Using Perfect Timing To Teach Your Dog To Sit

The final method you can attempt to teach your dog the sit command is all about proper timing. Essentially, you have to say the command right before your puppy is about to sit and give a reward immediately after. Your dog will gradually start to relate sitting to the verbal cue.

Dogs travel hundreds of miles during their lifetime responding to such commands as “come” and “fetch.” – Stephen Baker


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