Teaching Your Dog The “Off Command”

Teaching your dog the “off command” is an essential part of dog training. Dogs are inclined to jump on people, countertops, and whatever else they can get their paws on. Even if your pet does not have a jumping issue right now, it might be helpful for fixing unacceptable jumping in the future.

Teaching Your Dog The "Off Command"

There are three major methods to train your dog the off command.

1. Make Use of the Sit Command

Prior to teaching your dog the off command, it is important to have learned the Sit command. As soon as this is dealt with, follow these steps:

  • Take one step back or turn around when your dog attempts to jump on you.
  • Say “off” straight away.
  • Give the Sit command.
  • Praise your dog every time they obey to encourage good behavior.

2. Stop Your Dog Jumping Using Your Knee

This particular technique is not for everybody. It can be hard to keep your balance, and you or your dog could get hurt. Nevertheless, it can be an alternative for individuals who have had no success with other approaches. To teach your dog the off command, you need to:

  • Raise the knee in front of you just before your dog attempts to jump.
  • Try to predict the jump, because raising your knee too late cause you or your dog injury.
  • Quickly say “off” afterward.

Be careful that you do not hurt yourself or your dog. A gentle knee nudge is enough to do the trick. A majority of dogs will either not jump because the knee is in the way or they will jump bump into it. This is uncomfortable and your dog should avoid it next time.

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3. Make Use of a Leash To Stop Jumping

A leash is really a far better substitute for making use of your knee, so long as you use a harness. If you don’t, you run the risk of pulling on the leash too hard and hurting your dog’s neck. To teach your Dog the off command using this method, do the following:

  • Put a harness and leash on your dog.
  • Position your dog so that they are facing toward you.
  • Let the leash lie on the ground.
  • Do whatever it is that causes your dog to jump. For example; preparing their meal, giving a treat, playing fetch, calling your dog by his name, etc.
  • The moment your dog tries to jump on you, put your foot on the leash and say “off.”
  • Reward your dog with praise and a treat.
  • Do this several times and repeat the process for a few days.

Never Push Your Dog With Your Hands

Whatever method you choose to make use of, it is essential that you do not push your dog with your hands. This will simply confuse your dog and they will interpret it as an encouragement.

As soon as your dog knows the off command, you will be able to utilize it in virtually any circumstance involving unacceptable jumping.

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