Teach Your Dog Obedience – The Most Important Part of His Training

Obedience training is important to train your dog. I say that because if your dog will be obedient to you, his behavior problems are almost totally solved. Training your dog obedience is not a hard job, but it is worth all the time you spend with your dog for this purpose.



The basic obedience commands that your furry friend must understand and respond to include “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and “come.” Maybe your dog already knew these commands when you took him home, but there is a lot more to work on your dog obedience training.

Need for Dog Obedience Training

You will have to teach your dog not to eliminate all over your house. This will be a lot of work, but you can’t keep a dog in your house if you don’t teach him these manners. The dog should know that you take him for long walks and he can eliminate there. He must also know that in the house, there is a specific place for him where he can poo and pee. That’s why you should encourage him when he eliminates in the right places and admonish him when he does it in places where he is not allowed to.

In dog obedience training, you must also teach your dog not to dig holes in your yard, not to fight with other dogs, not to bark excessively and not to bite you. All these behaviors are normal for a dog; they do this by instinct, but you have to teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. You have a key role to play in your dog’s obedience training. If you play this role correctly, you can be proud of your well-behaved pooch.

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A well-trained dog can get more freedom than those that are not trained well. For example, when you take your dog for a walk, you don’t need to keep him on the leash all the time, you can unleash him to run around, to turn, to jump, and to have fun, because you know that, when you want him to stop playing and to come to you, he will surely obey, because you have already given him obedience training.

An obedient dog must be rewarded properly. Rewards are a highly successful method in dog training. If you encourage your dog when he does something right with nice words or caress him or offer him dogs treats, he will be willing to do that good thing again because he wants to receive more rewards from you. You know what? After a while, your dog will obey you just because he sees that this makes you happy, and as your best friend, that’s how he wants you to be.

When you train your dog obedience, it is important not to use only reprimands. Your dog will be discouraged to hear this all the time. Whenever you have to say, “No,” always ensure that you follow a positive approach. This way he will understand better the purpose of that “No.”

Want your dog to know what’s obedience? Start with dog obedience training today and you will be proud of the results!

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