Talking Husky Mishka Loves Winter And Lets Her Owner Know It!

Huskies and snow go well together – they’re built for it and relish the season!

Talking Husky  Mishka loves winter and in her adorable, unique Husky-speak she lets her owner know it!

It’s the first snow of 2016 and dad and the pooches are having fun in the backyard.

Dad asks the internet-famous dog if she likes the snow and Mishka gives him a definite nod!

Talking Husky Mishka Loves Winter And Lets Her Owner Know It

Layka, her copper-coated Siberian Husky sibling enters the picture and invites her sister to play and frolic in the snow. Off they go – as happy as can be!

See them have fun, bounce and wrestle! They sure enjoy the snow! They are Siberian Huskies after all!

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When the pooches came back, dad asks Mishka if she loves winter.

And her response?

“I love winter!” Mishka barks. It’s funny how her barks really sound like the words.

Laykaalso lets her feelings be known as she howls in agreement with her older sister!


Huskies will be Huskies!

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