Talkative Dog Says Coca Cola Almost Perfectly! Awesome Dog Video!


Be amazed as this talkative dog says Coca Cola almost perfectly!

This is Phoebe and she’s a Bergamasco dog.

Aside from being an awesome sheepdog, Phoebe has another pawsome talent. She can speak some words like a human!

In this video posted by her owner, Matthew Hackling, the smart Bergamasco dog can be seen and heard repeating mom’s words when a little girl decides to join the conversation.

“Coca Cola,” the girl says.

Talkative Dog Says Coca Cola Almost Perfectly

Amazingly, the smart pooch is able to pick up the sound and tries to utter it the best way she could.

“Roah-ruh-roah-ruh!” Phoebe says.

Well, it might not sound like a perfect Coca Cola but it’s pretty impressive for a dog like him!

Great job, Phoebe!

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