Super Cute Corgi Puppy Can’t Get Enough Of His Toy! Adorable Puppy Video!

While this Corgi puppy can’t get enough of his toy, we can’t get enough of his cuteness!

This little pup is busy chewing and gnawing his toy bone!

Super Cute Corgi Puppy Can’t Get Enough Of His Toy

See and hear the pup let out the most adorable squeal as he spends his time playing, wrestling and chewing his favorite toy.

This cute fluffy Corgi even maintains eye contact with the camera as he does it!

It as if he’s showing of how fierce and strong he is and that the toy bone stands no chance against him!

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But puppies will be puppies and some of them have short attention spans!

By the end of the video, the Corgi pup stands up and focuses his attention on the camera!

Looks like he’ll chew the camera next!

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