Subaru Releases 6 New Adorable Barkley Dog Commercials

Subaru’s doggie Barkley family is just the best! The good news is they’ve released 6 new adorable Barkley dog commercials.

Seeing the pooches emulating humans in their cars has a special touch and dog lovers can’t get enough of it. The tag line “Dog tested. Dog approved” highlights the cars’ features with an adorable touch of humor and doggie cuteness.

In the series of furry advertisements, The Barkleys are back to charm you into picking a Subaru for your next car purchase.

The family – a Golden Retriever dad, a Labrador mom and their pups – stars in the commercials that highlight Subaru cars’ amazing family-and-pet-friendly features.

Subaru does care about pets and supports animal-related organizations.  Since 2008, Subaru has supported the ASPCA and has donated close to $14 million to support their cause. The company also supports the Center for Pet Safety, Pilots N Paws, and the Pet Philanthropy Circle Hero Awards.


The Barkleys’ bedtime routine goes awry

Taking a car ride is a tried and tested way to get little ones to sleep. It works well for the little puppy, but Mr. Barkley the Golden Retriever dad is in for a very long night. J


Mrs. Barkley has a bad hair day

After coming out from the salon, Labrador mommy doga.k.a Mrs. Barkley is so embarrassed by her new flowing hair do that she covers it with a scarf. Papa Barkley tries hard to sympathize but is amused as he drives her home.


Doggie bags for the Barkleys after a fine dining experience

Mommy and Daddy Barkley go out for a spot of fine dining. With their doggie bags in their mouths they wait on the sidewalk for the valet service to bring their Subaru. When the car turns up there’s a cat at the wheel who drives off, leaving the Barkleys stranded.

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The Barkleys deal with drool in the air

The Barkleys are in the car when all of a sudden, sticky splatters of liquid keep landing on their windshield. As it turns out, the English Bulldog driving in front of them cannot control his drool. Luckily, the Barkley’s car has great windshield wipers to clean all the slobber off.


The Barkleys try to find their way home

The Barkley’s are lost and pull on to the ride of the road to use Subaru’s phone navigation system. But it cannot understand them. Instead of leading them home, the system searches for roof repairs and Ralphs in response to their ruff and then looks for vacation rentals in St. Barts. The puppies’ faces immediately light up at St. Barts, but a frustrated Mr. Barkley turns the system off and decides to follow his nose home instead.

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