Stubborn Dog Throws a Tantrum as He Refuses to Get Out of the Tub


Watch as this dog throws a tantrum as he refuses to get out of the tub!

Most dogs do not like baths but Zeus, a Siberian Husky, is different! He loves it!

Sadly, it isn’t bath time yet so mom has to do her best in encouraging the stubborn dog to get out of the tub. But instead of obeying mom, the Siberian Husky releases a series of heartbreaking howls as protest.

No matter how sad the dog’s howls are, mom stands her ground. She isn’t going to turn on the water.

Zeus then continues to throw a tantrum! He’s sad and he wants mom to pity him. But mom isn’t having any of it. She’s firm about having the dog out of the bath tub.

Dog Throws a Tantrum as He Refuses to Get Out of the Tub

“Come on, get out of the bath tub,” mom tells Zeus.

The dog then gets up before he faces mom and lets out several howls that pretty much sound like several “No’s”.

“Want to go for a walk?” mom tries to convince the dog. “But you have to get out of the bath tub.”

Eventually, mom succeeds and the silly dog can be seen strutting out of the bathroom!

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