Stranger Comforts Dying Dog Struck By A Car

In Sonoma Country in California, a stranger was snapped comforting a dying dog was struck by a car in a hit and run accident.

Early in the morning of March 12, a man witnessed a car hit a dog. The car just kept going.

The witness, Eric, pulled over to check on the dog and called animal control.

Stranger Comforts Dying Dog Struck By A Car

Solano County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

When a Solano County Deputy pulled up to the scene he found the man comforting the poor injured dog. The man and dog were both lying in the road, in the pouring rain.

The Deputy took a quick picture showing Eric staying at the dog’s side until animal control arrived and took the dog to the emergency pet clinic. Sadly, the injured dog passed away.

The man, who showed such amazing compassion, wants no recognition.

“We would like to thank Eric for not looking the other way and driving by. He went above and beyond to help this injured dog. Please share and help us thank Eric,” The Solano County Sheriff’s Office posted in Facebook.

Thank you, Eric.

Rest in peace, doggie.

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