Spring Is In The Air And Mud Is On The Paws! Springtime Is Time for Muddy Paws!

Aside from pretty flowers, springtime is also time for muddy paws!

Before your dogs track mud all over your home, here are a few tips to make the situation livable.


Set up a muddy dog paw cleaning area!

Springtime Is Time for Muddy PawsSam Saunders/Flickr

The best place to set up a muddy paw cleaning area is obviously just outside to door that leads to the mud! Make sure you have all the muddy paw cleaning necessities there so you can act before your dogs turn your house into a swamp.  🙂

In your muddy paw “arsenal” you’ll need a shallow container filled with clean water, a towel, baby-wipes and a waste basket! If you don’t like these items lying around, add a neat container, or stash them somewhere accessible.

The hardest part will probably teaching your dog to wait before rushing through door! We all know the “let me in because I need to go out” syndrome! It’s just part and parcel of what makes our dogs so special.

Place your waiting pup’s paws in the water, one at a time, to loosen and dissolve some mud. Next, dry and wipe each paw! You might need some help at first, but your dog should quickly get the routine!

This will not only save you a lot of vacuuming and cleaning, it’ll also help your relationship with your dog – you won’t get mad and it can also be additional bonding and fun time!

Be patient! Dogs have no notion of  the human’s objection to dirt – for them mud equals fun!


Trim nails and paw hair!

This is a really good time to trim your dog’s nails and paw hair!

Why Do Wet Dogs Smell?

It all helps! Mud sticks to everything, including long nails and excessive paw hair! Long nails also have really negative effects for your dog.  So, if you’ve been a bit slack about nail care in winter, now’s the time to start trimming.

To trim the paw hair, use blunt-tipped scissors and cut away excess hair between the paw pads and around paws. Neat paws are easier to clean and collect less mud!

Dogs love mud, but that doesn’t mean you have to too!

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