SPCA Finds Abused Severely Matted Dog In Basement Of A House

An abused and severely matted dog was recently taken in by the SPCA Serving Erie County. The pooch is currently being treated and cared after being found in the basement of a house in Buffalo. According to the SPCA’s website, the residents of the property are facing charges.

The veterinarians at the SPCA say it’s the worst case of matted fur they’ve ever encountered.

Early Monday morning, December 1, an SPCA peace officer responded to report of a “dead” dog in in the basement of the house in Milford Avenue. Officer Jessica Coughlin saw the unidentifiable animal was in fact alive under four pounds of matted fur.

It took a long two and a half hoursfor the vets to shave off thedog’s fur. They also found broken bones and a number of illnesses.

SPCA-Finds-Abused-Severely-Matted-Dog-In-Basement-Of-A-House-1-627x335Couple Ronald and Shelley Breier are each charged with animal cruelty. The severely-neglected dog was found at the corner of the basement. She unable to move but was still breathing.

The officer rushed the dog to the SPCA, where four pounds of fur were carefully removed from her body.

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Now named Dori, she is being treated by the SPCA veterinary staff.The vets need to treat herear infections, damaged eyes, crushed toes, and more.

The pooch was surrendered to the SPCA by her owners, who will appear in Buffalo City Court later this month.

According to the vets,Dori’s case is getting better and will eventually be able to be put up for adoption.

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Source: WIBV

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