Socializing Your Puppy

Dog training starts with socializing your puppy or adult dog. Dogs are a naturally kind and sociable breed, but they too can develop behavioral problems if the time is not taken to properly socialize them. Socialization is also an essential part of forming your puppy’s character as an adult dog.

Socializing Your Puppy

Let your puppy meet people

The best way to start socializing your new puppy with new people is by inviting visitors to your house. Tell your visitors that you are in the socialization part of puppy training and that it will be beneficial if they do not acknowledge your new pup except when they are calm and behaving. You may also make use of commands like “sit” and “down” during this period to bolster good behavior in your puppy and prevent issues like jumping or over excitement. Whenever your dog behaves, give a reward and praise.

Expose your puppy to other dogs

Introducing your new puppy to other pet dogs must be done in a neutral location to prevent territorial aggression. Begin by putting the dogs on opposite sides of a fence till they feel comfortable with each other. Next, go for a walk with each individual handling their particular dog for 5 to 10 minutes or till the dogs demonstrate signs of wanting to socialize. At this time, you can allow the dogs to meet one another, while redirecting your puppy’s focus to you every Five minutes or so to prevent him or her becoming anxious or over-excited. As soon as the dogs are familiar with one another, the process can be repeated at home.

Puppy’s Bedtime

Explore your home with your puppy

There are many situations and objects at home that your Dog may find scary if they aren’t properly introduced to them. Some of these include fireworks, vacuum, fans, knocking on the door, deliveries, large objects such as chairs, washing machine, etc. The most important thing to remember when dealing with these types of things at home is keeping your composure. In certain situations such as with fireworks, it’s better if you don’t make a big deal out of you puppy’s fear, but rather redirect his or her attention to a game or another activity. This will reassure your dog that there is nothing to fear, whereas acknowledging the problem usually only makes it worse.

Visit exciting places with your puppy

Once your Puppy is fully vaccinated, you can begin socializing outside of your home. You and your dog should visit different locations like parks, pet stores and veterinary clinics and also interact with different types of people including; individuals with physical disabilities (so the dog is not afraid of wheelchairs, canes, etc.) joggers, cyclists, youngsters, construction workers and many more. It is additionally essential that your new puppy is exposed to diverse environments such as the city, country and the beach so that he or she gets used to all the different smells and noises.

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